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Debunk and Unlock the Hidden Myths about Targeted Internet Marketing

What’s the secret of truly targeted internet marketing?  Is it really possible to find your customers online when there are millions of messages screaming for their attention?  Definitely!  You can find, target, address and interact with your client, wherever they are, 24 hours a day.  After reading this article, you will know powerful techniques that will help you laser focus your message and create truly targeted internet marketing campaigns.

Myth#1:  All of the important search terms are taken by the ‘big’ players.

Not true.  Certainly there are some keywords and phrases that are more challenging to get rankings and those may not even be the most effective terms to find your ideal customer.  There are tools available that let you drill down to exactly what your clients are typing into the search bar.  Start with the Google Adwords: Keyword Tool and MSN Adlabs Commercial Intent generator.  You may even want to hire an internet marketing professional to do an even more thorough analysis.

Myth#2:  Location and geographic information get ‘lost’ online

That might have been true five years ago and wow have things changed.  A full 30% of internet searches contain some sort of local qualifier according to a 2008 research paper by Piper Jaffray.  That’s an impressive number when multiplied by the over 2.5 BILLION searches performed each month.  The numbers are similar for smart phone searches.  The fact is your customers are searching for you online.  Are you there?

Myth#3:  My customers are very targeted and my marketing dollars are better spent on interest specific publications

As a long time marketer, I am a huge fan of targeting your message by using trade publication and interest-based magazine.  The fact of the matter is you can get much better bang for your buck with some of the up and coming internet marketing and digital marketing avenues.

One of the fastest growing marketing choices on the internet if Facebook marketing.  It is extraordinarily targeted.  There have been some bumps recently and don’t let that sidetrack you.  Facebook is going to be a huge opportunity for laser targeted internet marketing.

The marketing venue that is exploding right now is mobile marketing.  There you can target by a ton of demographic information and even create ads that pop up on your potential clients smart phone when they’re walking past your door!

Myth#4:  People searching online are just ‘looking for information’

Certainly some of them are (and when your relevant and useful information is at the top of the page doesn’t that add to your credibility).  A good number of them are ready to buy now.  Maybe not online and the right message will get them to pick up the phone and call you. A full 80% of people search online before making a purchase, even when they eventually make that purchase locally.  So, how do you get on the right side of that percent sign.  There are ways to find out whether a search term is used by information seekers or people read to buy.  I talked about MSN Adlabs above and there are other tools that help you get into the mind of your client and put your message in front of buyers!

Used correctly, today’s digital and internet capabilities can actually keep the promises we’ve been hearing about since the 80’s.  An amazingly targeted internet marketing campaign is not only possible; it will launch your business into orbit.