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Delaware internet marketing and directory links

Delaware internet marketing and directory links

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to give you another brief tip about what you can do (or have us do for you) to increase the relevance of your site in online and mobile search results.  I was checking out articles and came across this from our friends over at InLineSEO (full disclosure, I have not done Lisa’s training, however from her free information and personal results she is certainly doing a lot of things right).  The bulk of the post talks about the writers personal success and towards the end she give a tip about directory listings as a source of back links.  I agree with her and would take it a step further.

Directories are a fantastic part of your Delaware internet marketing branding campaign for two big reasons.  First, it is a relative quick and efficient means for getting a bunch of low to mid-quality back links.  Second and more importantly, it’s one of the three main drivers of mobile search results.  I’m working on an article about cheap generic cialis what we do with local mobile targeted internet marketing plans and as a quick note for the best mobile results you need a properly optimized Google (or Bing or Yahoo) Places page, reviews for your business and citations.  What are citations?  Citations are listings in relevant directories (mainly local and there’s a bit more to it).  So when your internet marketing consultant  runs a proper online and mobile marketing plan, some of the online work will positively impact mobile results and vice-versa.

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