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Delaware Internet Marketing, Play Every Ace

Delaware Internet Marketing, Play Every Ace

One of my mentors talks a lot about high-level successful negotiations and one of his favorite terms is, “Play every ace.”  That means when you have an advantage, you use it.  Our friends over at the Caesar Rodney Institute Blog recently posted this great article about Delaware business reaping the benefit of our state’s 0% sales tax compared to our neighbors to the north in PA.  It has some impressive stats and links to a great chart that goes into more depth.  The question is are we Delaware businesses marketing the ‘ace’ enough?  I would say no and we need to.

The challenge is that the nearby neighboring markets are relatively large (Philadelphia and Baltimore) and somewhat expensive to run marketing campaigns.  The answer is Delaware internet marketing.  Through a targeted internet marketing campaign, DE businesses that are able to serve border communities can get the word out to potential clients in other states.  And isn’t it a nice sales pitch to say that you start the process at a 6% advantage over your competition.  It is not going to be an overnight success and there are some disadvantages because you don’t have the local presence and the fact of the matter is it’s new business that you can compete for.

Delaware internet marketing and targeted internet marketing are your keys to playing every ace when it comes to attract new business and the right business.  I’d love your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.  When you’re ready to launch your own campaign, call us and see what we can do for you.

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