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How Delaware Internet Marketing came about

How Delaware Internet Marketing came about

Short post today, a bit about how I got here.  I’ve been in sales, marketing and business development for almost 20 years, consulting for the past three.  While helping businesses, I realized that one of the main areas that small and mid-sized business owners really don’t get it marketing.  They often view it as sales and/or advertising.  Having been in all three, I can tell you it’s not.  Marketing is about telling your compelling story to the right audience in a way that helps them to know like and trust you.  Until recently, that’s been a challenge to do cost effectively.  The internet has changed that.

Any way, I realized that the internet was changing and that I needed more information to stay cutting edge.  So I looked for it and the fact is there’s a lot of crap out there.  I found a few (four right now) trainers that got the internet and traditional marketing.  One of them was Frank Kern, who was recently feature on cool site of the day.  What I liked about him was that he started his training talking about really knowing your target audience.  That is the key to any good marketing project, not just targeted internet marketing.  You can have the most compelling story and if you’re telling it to the wrong people, it just won’t matter.

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