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Why you need a targeted internet marketing plan

Why you need a targeted internet marketing plan

Hello and thanks for coming out.  I was talking to a former colleague of mine, a star in the Delaware marketing world, and he said that he really did talk to his clients about internet marketing, preferring more traditional methods (his forte is events and he ROCKS them).  We dug in a bit further and his beef with internet marketing was that you really didn’t have any control over who was looking at the website and when you don’t know the audience you can’t effectively market (an extremely true statement by the way, the key to marketing is you have to market to someone and you, as the marketer, need generic cialis professional to intimately understand who that someone is).

Knowing that I had recently engaged a premium digital marketing personality as a partner (ladies and gentlemen, Drew M Griffin) and that I am on the verge of dominating the Delaware Internet Marketing landscape, my friend wanted to know how I responded to his concerns as a traditional, front-end research, stats driven marketer.  I told him with tools now available and with the effectiveness of SEO-driven internet marketing branding, you could not only know who was visiting your website, you could invite the right potential clients and start to right away build their trust and liking of you and your brand.  It’s not just online marketing anymore, it’s targeted internet marketing.

Now, being a marketer, I published a little article on the topic for  Being an internet marketing professional, I posted that article on our site ;-)  Check it out and let me know what you think

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